A Little More Joy

I had a solid few weeks where I was in a real slump. Don’t you hate that?




Pay student loans for eternity.

The eternal optimist inside of me wants none of that. I never want to be, nor am I going to be, the Negative Nancy in the room that sucks the fun out of everything.  Who would ever want to be that person? Sometimes you just need to sign up for a cupcake decorating class, let your creative juices flow, and recharge.

Lancaster Cupcake offers workshops that provide a step by step guide on how to decorate a themed cupcake. Lucky for us, the theme of the night was cacti and succulents-my love language. A solid hour and a half of pastel frosting, sticky fingers, and graham cracker crumbs was exactly the recipe that my heart needed. Corny, I know, but so true.

Sometimes finding a little more joy can be as simple as making a pretty cactus cupcake, lighting a new pumpkin spice candle, or walking the dog an extra 5 minutes.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset





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