My Wedding

I was definitely absent from blogging this past summer.

But I promise I had a good excuse – I GOT MARRIED! I am finally the ‘Happy Wife’ part of my blog!

I may have seemed like I had my life together throughout the planning process but the stress of wedding planning is real (especially if you are an introverted person who doesn’t like being the center of attention). It really does kind of take over your life and I totally would get hung up over wanting to please everyone.

Don’t get me wrong, there were parts that were so incredibly fun! We collaborated with our friends, Emily and Virginia, at Cork and Chambers who helped style our dream wedding and made us the cutest invitations that I am still obsessed with. We also became good friends with our photographer, Andrea. I found her on instagram (@andreadaugherty) about 3 years ago before Brian and I were even dating and I knew she would photograph my wedding one day!

Throughout the wedding process, my anxiety was at an all time high. I went through some changes with my full-time job and life in general that contributed to my nerves. But Brian was a trooper the entire time. I think he was worried I would walk down the aisle and make a sharp left into the woods. Just kidding (kind of). I had this fear that the dance floor would be empty, our outside wedding would be a rainy, muddy mess, and that my dress wouldn’t fit!

But I can safely say:

We had the one beautiful day in a two week span of thunderstorms.

Our dance floor was lit. I don’t know if I am young or cool enough to say lit but it was!

After 5 alterations, my dress fit perfectly and the mismatched bridesmaid dresses looked so dreamy.

Brian cried happy tears when I walked down the aisle and chose not to run into the woods.

And the most important thing, we had a cookie table and an ice cream truck!

It was just the very best day!




















Photos – Onethirtynine Photography

Florals and Paper Goods – Cork and Chambers

Venue – Historic Shady Lane



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